Join us in the fight against the pandemic.

We hope you have found Visitor and Staff Check In useful in your company or shop. To support further development and improvement of the app to fight against the pandemic, we appreciate your support. We are offering the Visitor and Staff Check In at an affordable monthly subscription price depending on your usage.

Money Back Guarantee
*Only applicable on the first-time subscription
*Only available for direct subscription through us online, whereas subscriptions through third-party agents and others are allowed to enjoy this benefits.

5 users below

Register up to 5 employees

 +USD 8 (One time setup fee)

10 users

Register up to 10 employees

400 visitor scans a month

USD 8/mth
 +USD 8 (One time setup fee)

30 users

Register up to 30 employees

3000 visitor scans a month

USD 22/mth
 +USD 8 (One time setup fee)

50 users

Register up to 50 employees

6000 visitor scans a month

USD 45/mth
 +USD 8 (One time setup fee)

Need more users? Contact us for a custom plan.

We understand every business has different needs. Drop us a message for a custom plan if you need a bulk number of employee registrations and visitor scans.

What are the benefits of a subscription?

Thousands of corporate and retail outlets are joining us in the fight against the spread of the pandemic. Subscribe to the Forwen Tracker app and enjoy the following benefits.

Fast and Paperless - One-time registration and record customers temperature upon entering premises with a scan. No more asking returning customers to re-register again. Goodbye pen and paper.
Staff Management - Use the app to record and monitor staff attendances as well as temperature along with monthly reports.
Customer Management - Collect customers data at your fingertips to send marketing promotions or notify customers if there is a potential risk of exposure to a COVID-19 case.

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Some FAQ’s

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Do I need to make a payment?
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Hear from some of our happy corporate customers who have been using Forwen Tracker to save time and improve efficiency.

Visitor and Staff Check In has been a massive time saver. With the number of Pet Sitters coming in and out of our centers for training and onboarding as a part time pet sitter, manually writing down each of their details was a lot of trouble. Now it's just a scan. Totaly worth it!
As a Proton dealership we get many customers walking in to our showroom, and we were spending more time taking down their details than actually doing sales. Visitor and Staff Check In solved that problem for us and let us focus on our sales.

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